Emergence: Out of the Shadows

Emergence: Out of the Shadows

(2021, 80 minutes)
For Kayden, Jag, and Amar, awakening to and expressing their sexuality within conservative South Asian families was a lonely and terrifying experience. Denial, shame and despair haunted their youths, even threatening their lives. Yet, they’ve emerged. In the gripping feature documentary Emergence: Out of the Shadows, the disparate journeys of Kayden, Jag and Amar candidly converge around a shared sense of compassion and healing as they bravely convey their often heart-wrenching stories. Confronted with tradition and taboo in their Punjabi Sikh cultures, resisting silence, Jag’s parents and Amar’s mother choose love over rejection, offering courage and inspiration to individuals and communities struggling with acceptance. Tender, thoughtful and teary, Emergence: Out of the Shadows asserts a potent and transformative voice in support of marginalized queer youth and their families.

Director: Vinay Giridhar
Producer: Sher Vancouver, Alex Sangha

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Emergence: Out of the Shadows
  • Emergence: Out of the Shadows

    (60 min) Education; Queer Studies; Sociology; Psychology; Anthropology; Women's Studies

    Emergence: Out of the Shadows shares the lived experience of three members of the South Asian community in Metro Vancouver. Sharing their individual stories of coming out and the barriers faced within their o...

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