Flat Rocks

Flat Rocks

Flat Rocks
(2017, 10 minutes)

"Flat Rocks" weaves together breathtaking present-day footage of Kahnawake with archival photos dating back over 80 years revealing the community's way of life threatened by the St. Lawrence Seaway. A poetic narration in the Kanien’kéha (Mohawk) language voices the community's connection to the water. Seventy-nine-year-old Louis Diabo battles against the construction of Canada's St. Lawrence Seaway during the 1950s to save his farm and the Kahnawake Mohawk community.

Directors: Courtney Montour
Producers: Courtney Montour, Roxann Whitebean

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Flat Rocks
  • Flat Rocks

    (10 min) Indigenous Studies; Canadian History; Environmental Studies; Communications

    A short and powerful tribute to Kahnawake Mohawk farmer Louis Diabo's struggle to save his farm and community from destruction during the building of the St. Lawrence Seaway.

    Flat Rocks weaves together breathta...

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