From the Spirit: Lee Claremont

From the Spirit: Lee Claremont

“Lee Claremont” Episode 24 (2009, 24 minutes)

This First Nations artist and educator of Mohawk and Irish descent has taught at the En'owkin Centre, an internationally recognized Aboriginal Educational College located in Penticton, British Columbia. A member of the Iroquois Grand River Six Nations in Oshweken, Ontario, Lee says, "my art making takes me to a place of creation, soaring with Skywoman to create an eclectic perception of nature, people, spirituality and Mother Earth."

This 26-part series of half-hour documentaries presents the work and thoughts of a diverse group of Aboriginal artists. Twenty-four of them are Canadian--from British Columbia, Alberta, the Northwest Territories and Ontario; the other two are American--a painter from Montana and a glass blower from Seattle. By definition, artists are people who live on the edge, and Aboriginal artists have had a tougher journey than most.
The stories in this series are from artists who would not quit, even in the face of adversity and who have made a difference to both their communities and to the world of contemporary art.

Directed by: Raymond Yakeleya, Bill Stewart
Produced by: Raymond Yakeleya, Bill Stewart, Earth Magic Media

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From the Spirit: Lee Claremont