From the Spirit: Roy Henry Vickers

From the Spirit: Roy Henry Vickers

“Roy Henry Vickers” Episode 1 (2005, 24 minutes)

As one of Canada's top artists from British Columbia, Roy Henry Vickers has established a loyal audience for his prints, paintings, carvings and designs. His distinctive art style has combined the traditional and contemporary, old and new, personal and universal themes.

This 26-part series of half-hour documentaries presents the work and thoughts of a diverse group of Aboriginal artists. Twenty-four of them are Canadian--from British Columbia, Alberta, the Northwest Territories and Ontario; the other two are American--a painter from Montana and a glass blower from Seattle. By definition, artists are people who live on the edge, and Aboriginal artists have had a tougher journey than most.
The stories in this series are from artists who would not quit, even in the face of adversity and who have made a difference to both their communities and to the world of contemporary art.

Directed by: Raymond Yakeleya, Bill Stewart
Produced by: Raymond Yakeleya, Bill Stewart, Earth Magic Media

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From the Spirit: Roy Henry Vickers