Nehiyawetan | Let's Speak Cree: Coyotes in the...

Nehiyawetan | Let's Speak Cree: Coyotes in the...

“Coyotes in the City” Season 3 Episode 12

Join Kai and Kayla as they search for coyotes in the city while they learn the words for the animals that we share the city with. There will be many animals to see when they visit Burnaby Lake and the Wildlife Rescue Centre. Musical guest Jason Burnstick is back once more to sing a song about the wildlife that shares this land with humans.

Nehiyawetan means "Let's Speak Cree". This dynamic thirteen part series combines live action and animation in an innovative approach to making the Cree language accessible to young children. It follows a group of Aboriginal children as they learn to speak Cree in the city. The approach taken reinforces learning through play, music, adventure and storytelling. Nehiyawetan: Let’s Speak Cree promotes language retention, offers a Cree perspective of the world and encourages smart choices about living in the city.

Directed by: Loretta Sarah Todd, Jason Krowe
Produced by: Loretta Sarah Todd, Nehiyawetan Productions

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Nehiyawetan | Let's Speak Cree: Coyotes in the...