Nehiyawetan | Let's Speak Cree: Winter Solstice

Nehiyawetan | Let's Speak Cree: Winter Solstice

“Winter Solstice” Season 3 Episode 8

Let’s exchange gifts and give thanks. Kai and Kayla learn the words for the winter solstice and Christmas. They’ll put on their jackets and boots and head up Grouse Mountain for fun in the snow while musical guest, Janet Panic, performs a song welcoming the Christmas season. Elder Phil L’Hirondelle shares his knowledge about the teachings of the medicine wheel and the solstice, as the cast goes with Phil to an actual medicine wheel that maps the sun’s journey through the year.

Nehiyawetan means "Let's Speak Cree". This dynamic thirteen part series combines live action and animation in an innovative approach to making the Cree language accessible to young children. It follows a group of Aboriginal children as they learn to speak Cree in the city. The approach taken reinforces learning through play, music, adventure and storytelling. Nehiyawetan: Let’s Speak Cree promotes language retention, offers a Cree perspective of the world and encourages smart choices about living in the city.

Directed by: Jason Krowe, Loretta Sarah Todd
Produced by: Loretta Sarah Todd, Nehiyawetan Productions

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Nehiyawetan | Let's Speak Cree: Winter Solstice