Ravens and Eagles: Haida Art (Series 1)

Ravens and Eagles: Haida Art (Series 1)

Rental Period - 90 Days
(2002, 13 x 24 minutes)
Shot on British Columbia's rugged northwest coast, Ravens and Eagles: Haida Art delves into the roots of traditional Haida art and traces the genesis of today's generation of Haida carvers, singers, dancers, weavers and performers. Over two series, Ravens and Eagles explores some of the wider historical and political issues of the repatriation of Haida artifacts, the vital potlatch ceremony once declared illegal by the Canadian government, and the fight to preserve old growth forest on Haida land. Created by Haida filmmaker Marianne Jones and Jeff Bear, Ravens and Eagles approaches Haida art and culture from the Haida perspective.

Titles included in Ravens and Eagles: Haida Art series 1:

What is Haida Art? (23 minutes)
Spruce Root Weaver: Isabel Rorick (21.5 minutes)
Cedar Bark Weaver: Victoria Moody (22 minutes)
Argillite Carver: Christian White (20 minutes)
Carrying on the Tradition (21.5 minutes)
The New Masters (22.5 minutes)
Portrait of a Mask Maker: Reg Davidson (23 minutes)
Journey of Song (22 minutes)
Chiefly Possessions (23 minutes)
Yahgu dang ang: To Pay Respect (22 minutes)
Robert Davidson: Eagle of the Dawn, Parts 1 & 2 (47 minutes)
Paradox of Attribution (24 minutes)

Directors and Producers: Jeff Bear, Marianne Jones

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Ravens and Eagles: Haida Art (Series 1)
  • Ravens and Eagles S1E01 What is Haida Art?

    (24 min) This introduction to Haida art from the Haida perspective follows five themes-formline, ceremony, function, preservation, songs and language. The artists and themes featured here are more fully explored throughout the series.

  • Ravens and Eagles S1E02 Spruce Root Weaver: Isabel Rorick

    A weaver from Masset, British Columbia, Isabel Rorick uses spruce roots and makes some of the most intricate and beautiful hats and baskets in the Pacific Northwest. Related to both Florence Edenshaw Davidson and Selina Peratovich, Isabel comes from a long line of artists. Her great-great grandmo...

  • Ravens and Eagles S1E03 Cedar Bark Weaver: Victoria Moody

    Cedar Bark Weaver: Victoria Moody
    Ravens and Eagles - Series 1 - E03 (24 mins)
    Directed, written and produced by Jeff Bear and Marianne Jones

    A weaver from Skidegate, British Columbia, Vicki Moody uses cedar bark in the creation of a new style of art that brings together bold designs with her po...

  • Ravens and Eagles S1E04 Argillite Carver Christian White

    Multi-disciplinary artist Christian White carves elaborate
    Haida stories, imbued with a sense tradition, into the indigenous slate argillite. A descendant of Charles Edenshaw, Christian learned to carve from his father, the late Morris White. In this documentary, Christian works alongside his app...

  • Ravens and Eagles S1E05 Carrying on the Tradition

    Influenced and influential, April Churchill and Gladys Vandal stand out as highly gifted and talented Haida artists, both of whom have worked to preserve the Haida weaving tradition. The eldest daughter of legendary teacher Delores Churchill, April discusses why safeguarding tradition is importan...

  • Ravens and Eagles S1E06 The New Masters

  • Ravens and Eagles S1E07 Portrait of a Mask Maker: Reg Davidson

    A maker of the most elaborate and sometimes outrageous masks, Reg Davidson is at the top of his class. Portrait of a Mask Maker joins him in his studio to watch him carve and share his views about Haida art. Reg does not consider himself an artist, though he has produced an impressive body of wor...

  • Ravens and Eagles S1E08 Journey of Song

    Songs remain one of the strongest links to the nearly extinct Haida language. Three women explain how art is linked to songs and language and how all are intertwined with Haida culture. Terri Lynne Davidson is re-learning the ancestral songs once sung by her Nonnie ("grandmother" in Haida), an ex...

  • Ravens and Eagles S1E09 Chiefly Possessions

  • Ravens and Eagles S1E12 Yahgu dang ang: "To Pay Respect"

    Marianne Jones, Jeff Bear

    In their zeal to loot Haida cultural treasures from old vacated village sites, early explorers to Haida Gwaii took away grave goods and human remains, a questionable academic practice that continues to perplex Indigenous people today. The Haida Nation is active in the r...

  • Ravens and Eagles S1E10 S1E11 Robert Davidson: Eagle of the Dawn Pt. 1 and 2

    One of the most intriguing contemporary artists of his generation, Robert Davidson stands apart internationally with his innovative and staggering output of high art. In his quest to make beautiful objects, Robert has inspired a new approach to Haida art, becoming a master of several media and pu...

  • Ravens and Eagles S1E13 Paradox of Attribution