Rocky and Joan

Rocky and Joan

(2021, 27 minutes)
This films explores an unknown part of the Canadian history. It takes place in Nova Scotia, where a man and a woman of African descent, Rocky and Joan Jones, started the Civil Rights Movement and the Black United Front. They were the Black Panthers of Nova Scotia fighting against Canadian racism, polite and subtle, but yet traumatizing. At some point Rocky and Joan were considered the most influential Black activists in Canada. The documentary takes you from 1960s all the way to 2020, exploring racial profiling and segregation in African Nova Scotian community.

Director: Olesya Shyvikova
Producers: Olesya Shyvikova, White Lelou Media

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Rocky and Joan
  • Rocky and Joan

    (27 min) Activism, Black History, Canadian History, Diversity, Politics, Racism, Social Sciences

    The Untold Story of Canada's Black Panthers

    Burnley "Rocky" Jones and Joan Jones were prominent Black activists during the Civil Rights Movement in Canada, and their impact is still being felt in th...

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