SAMAQAN: Gulf Shrimp: 4 Years and Counting

SAMAQAN: Gulf Shrimp: 4 Years and Counting

“Gulf Shrimp: 4 Years and Counting” SAMAQAN Season 4 Episode 49

The beauty of a documentary series is that you can assess the impact of occurrences over a period of time. The effects of natural disasters in oceanic waters can be deadly for natural habitat and such was the case in the infamous oil explosion in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. The marine species of that region were devastated. In this follow-up documentary, shrimp fishermen in the region discuss what has changed since the oil spill of four years ago.

This fourth and final series of “SAMAQAN” examines the role of water in culture and spirituality of Indigenous people, their focus on stewardship and the efforts mounted to balance respect for the environment with development.

Directed by: Marianne Jones, Jeff Bear
Produced by: Marianne Jones, Kristy Assu, Jeff Bear

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SAMAQAN: Gulf Shrimp: 4 Years and Counting
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