Canyon War: The Untold Story

Canyon War: The Untold Story

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(2009, 46 minutes)
Canyon War covers the tumultuous events of 1858 in British Columbia-events which led to a little-known war that could have escalated, had it not been for the persuasive diplomacy of Chief Spintlum of the Nlaka'pamux First Nation. 2008 marked the 150th anniversary of the Fraser River Gold Rush, which saw some 30 to 40 thousand gold seekers flood into the Fraser Valley, culminating in the Fraser River War in August of that year. Many lives were lost, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, until peace was finally concluded in Lytton by Chief Spintlum and Henry Snyder. Through the descendants from this time, Kevin Loring and Dr. Dan Marshall, Canyon War provides a lasting legacy of this event and is shot on the war's little-known battlefields -- from the fight of Boston Bar to the peace at Kumsheen.

Director: Eva Wunderman
Producers: Eva Wunderman, Wunderman Film

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Canyon War: The Untold Story
  • Canyon War: The Untold Story

    (46 min) Filmed on location in the Fraser Canyon, British Columbia, the Canyon War sheds light on a shadowy chapter of Canadian history. Stories of villages in flames, bodies floating down river, and American militias killing and looting as desperate First Nations tries to hold back tens of thous...

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