Cry Rock

Cry Rock

(2010, 29 minutes)
Less than fifteen Nuxalk language speakers and storytellers remain in Bella Coola, British Columbia. One of these elders is the filmmaker’s 80 year-old grandmother. In a technologically obsessed century, it would seem easier to record Nuxalk stories for future generations, but the filmmaker resists. Instead, she asks whether an electronic recording can capture the true meaning and value of these oral traditions and more importantly, can it be considered cultural knowledge?

"Cry Rock" examines how Nuxalk stories are more than mere words. With the passing of an elder, an invaluable link to a treasure of knowledge and experience reflecting the Nuxalk world view is lost. As the filmmaker struggles with the decision, a story about the Cry Rock in the bend of the Atnarko River, nestled in the Bella Coola Valley, is spine-tinglingly retold by Clyde Tallio, a young Nuxalk man.

Immersive and revealing, the documentary blends interviews set against the wild beauty of the Bella Coola Valley with vivid watercolour animations. "Cry Rock" illuminates the intersection of Nuxalk history, place and spirit; sitting at the heart of an oral storytelling tradition.

Director: Banchi Hanuse
Producers: Banchi Hanuse, Smayaykila Films

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Cry Rock
  • Cry Rock (29 mins, 2010, Banchi Hanuse)

    (29 min) Banchi Hanuse returns to her home in Bella Coola. Her grandmother is only one of 14 Nuxalk speakers and Banchi worries that with the decline of language, their stories will be lost. At the same time, she recalls spending time as a child listening to an elder and his stories yet reflects...

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